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One of the best authentic Sushi bar outside Japan. AAA+
San Pedro, CA

The best sushi restaurant in all of Orange County (and possibly California). The fish they serve there is as fresh as they come. Chef is so picky about the freshness of his fish that he throws away ingredients that most sushi restaurants would normally continue to serve. They import good quality Aji from Japan, which is always a treat, and their uni is always completely intact with the pulp visible on the surface (that means it's fresh). It's worth it.
Huntington Beach, CA

I tried their omakase sushi. I will definitely try to make it out here again. This place is one of the better traditional sushi I had in LA! The omakase was served with: Japanese red snapper with a touch of lemon and sea salt, specially cured red snapper, uni, saba, spanish mackerel, toro, toro maki, anago, giant clam, surf clam, scallops.

Some of the pieces were out of this world. The red snapper with lemon and sea salt was a stunning start of the meal with perfectly complex balance of sea salt, sour lemon and the flavor and texture of the fresh fish. The toro disintegrated the instant it entered my mouth, filling my mouth with one of the most wonderfully rich flavor I had. Rest of the fish were very fresh and expertly prepared.

Cheviot Hills, CA

I've eaten at all the best sushi restaurants in NY and traveled to Japan. I consider myself a decent judge on the topic. The quality of the sushi is phenomenal quite simply stated. We tried most things on the menu - everything was fresh and delicious. Even items that I don't generally like were excellent quality. We did omakase (had the chef serve us) and it was very reasonably priced. This meal in LA or NY would easily cost double and be worth it. I am thrilled to have such high quality sushi in the area! It is in the Ralphs shopping center. The service is good and the clientele is almost entirely Japanese - always a good sign!
Los Angeles, CA

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