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Since 1990, we have been serving our customers in Fountain Valley as the finest in Japanese cuisine, specializing in sushi. In the Unites States, there are many Japanese-style restaurants adapted to American tastes; however they sacrifice the richness and unique authenticity that makes dining out special.

We serve sushi, (Kansai-style) from the same for thousands of years, and for good reason. In Japan, authentic sushi restaurants do not serve teriyaki, sukiyaki, and tempura; therefore you will not find such items on our menu. Also, you have seen lots of sushi dishes unheard of in Japan, but we strongly suggest you partake in enjoying traditional Japanese sushi, selected, prepared and served with close attention to every detail to make your experience true to our hearts. If you are curious or do not understand the meaning or reason behind our techniques, please do not hesitate to ask us. We, KASEN” want you to enjoy the experience of real Japanese food served in an authentic environment that transcends time and space. You may for a moment forget you are in America, it is then you have realized our goal!

  Dinner Special   |  Omakase

1. Chirashi Sushi
Assorted fresh fish on sushi rice


2. Sushi Combination Deluxe
10 kind of very high quality sushi


3. Sushi Combination Regular
8 kinds of sushi


4.Futomaki Roll (Big roll)
Shrimp, eel, egg, shiitake, and mituba leaf


Mackerel Oshi-sushi


6.Eel Oshi-Sushi
Made of cooked fresh water eel laid over sushi rice the pressed down


- Chef’s Special -
7. Assorted Sushi
Tuna, salmon, Eel, Shrimp & Yellow tail


8. Combination
Appetizer, Assorted sashimi (Tuna, yellow tail, salmon) Assorted sushi (Tuna, Yellow tail, Salmon, eel, shrimp) Tuna rolls & Ice cream


9. Chirashi Special
Tuna, salmon, Shrimp & Yellow tail


* Item 1-9 served with Miso Soup

- Omakase -
(Price and menus subject to change due to market availability)

For pricing, please ask staff.

1. Because of our authenticity, we regret to inform you that we DO NOT serve any modern style sushi such as California rolls, spicy rolls, etc. And also NO Tempura, or Teriyaki. Subjects may change without notice.

2. Cooking a Yakimono(grilled, broiled or pan-fried food) needs much time. We need an order in advence.

3. Service Charge of 18% will be added for party of six or more and those using parlor seats (private Tatami room).

4. Service Charge of $5 will be added for requesting menus (for lunch and dinner) to be divided into multiple plates.

Hours: Dinner Tue-Sun 5:30pm〜9:30pm

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